TV Interview


We are here tonight with Dr. Adam Del Torto, a local chiropractor who specializes in an advanced form of cranial treatment called Cranial Facial Release or CFR. This treatment has helped so-o-o many people, many of whom who had given up hope of ever being well. It has worked when conventional forms of treatment have failed, and we are thrilled to have Dr. Del Torto here tonight to talk to us about this exciting new technique.

Q. So doctor, tell us, what is CFR and who would benefit from this specialized treatment?
A. CFR is an advanced form of cranial treatment, which uses tiny balloons that are inserted in the nose and inflated to actually mobilize the cranial bones and unlock the joints of the cranium. This removes pressure off the brain and allows more room for your brain to function properly.

Q. What do you mean it "unlocks the bones of the cranium?"
A. Well, you must realize that the skull is not one solid bone - it is made up of 22 individual bones that actually move every time you breathe (or at least they are supposed to). But sometimes these cranial bones become locked, loosing their normal motion, which impedes the flow of blood and cerebral spinal fluid to your brain, and causes a wide scope of health problems.

Q. What kinds of health problems?
A. (Oh my God) Basically anything that the brain controls. Research has shown that any unusual pressure or torque on the brain (even if subtle) alters the impulses being sent from the brain to the rest of the body causing dysfunction in that particular organ system - depending on what area of the brain is being compromised, the health implications are endless. But the most common health problem we treat with CFR is sinus conditions or breathing disorders (snoring, deviated septums, sleep apnea). These types of conditions respond exceptionally well to CFR treatment, but we have also had great success other health problems such as migraine headaches, seizures, TMJ disorder, head trauma, post concussion syndrome, vertigo, Bell's Palsy - the list goes on and on.

Q. Give us some examples of what causes these cranial problems to develop?
A. Any sort of head/facial trauma or insult to the cranium (i.e. bumping your head on the coffee table when you were a kid, playing football or soccer when you were in high school, car accidents, whiplash injuries, etc.) But believe it or not, the most common cause of cranial distortions the birth process - it is often a very traumatic and force full procedure which distorts the skull and causes major health problems in children which often times carry over into adulthood. Also some conventional orthodontic procedures using braces that are not properly fitted. Any of these things can cause aberrations or fixations to form in the cranium.

Q. Explain briefly how the procedure is performed.
A. The treatment is performed by inserting tiny balloons in through the nose and into the nasopharynx, which are then quickly inflated to unlock the joints of the cranium - the whole procedure takes about 2 seconds and is performed in series of 3-5 inflations over a period of 5-7 days.

Q. How many series of treatments do patients usually require?
A. Most patients report significant improvement in their condition after just one series of inflations, but a lot of it depends on the treatment goals of the patient, and the nature of the condition.

Q. Does it hurt?
A. I wouldn't really say that it hurts - it's just a lot of pressure inside your nose and face. It sort of feels like jumping into a swimming pool and having water shoot up your nose. It is not really painful, and perhaps a little uncomfortable, but not really that bad

Q. How old do you have to be before you would consider having this procedure done?
A. The youngest patient I know of was actually treated by a colleague of mine in Miami, Florida - she was only about 6 weeks old, with severe cranial deformities caused by a traumatic birth process. You should see the before and after pictures on this patient - dramatic obvious cranial changes and correction. The oldest patient I have treated is my 92 year old Grandmother, who was having problems with her sinus's - she didn't like the procedure very much, but she breathes much better now. She doesn't snore any more either.

Q. Is it difficult to get an appointment with you doctor?
A. Not usually - we can usually schedule most patients within 1-2 weeks of when they call our office.

Q. And where is your office located?
A. Our office location is in Burbank, CA. For more information on CFR treatment visit our other website at or call our Burbank office. It's great stuff, and it really works!