Spinal Decompression

About two years ago, I pulled my back laying my son down in his crib. The pain was unbearable. Pain was in my lower back and shot all the way down my left leg to my foot. I went to emergency room and later followed up with a spine specialist. PAIN level was 10. I could barely function for about 3 months. Every move I made, I was in excruciating pain. The spine specialist ordered an MRI and discovered that I had a bulging disc. It was bulging and hitting the nerve which was causing the sciatic pain. First recommendation was SURGERY. Yikes! Second was to get cortisone shot via epidural. Both did not seem appealing, but I quickly scheduled the epidural as I could not take the pain. I got the injection in early Dec 2015. It worked! No pain for 8 weeks. However, the pain returned!! By 10 weeks, I was worse than before the epidural which was earth shattering for me. I went for a second and third opinion. Went to the best MDs in LA. All said same thing. Surgery or another Epidural. I felt completely hopeless. One doctor agreed to start me in physical therapy and prescribed me 4 NARCOTICS to get through the pain. I did PT for 10 weeks, NO change. Drugs only brought my pain level down to 3-4 (manageable, but not ideal). The pain was impacting every aspect of my life. I could barely carry by son and could not due normal physical activity let alone do anything fun that I used to enjoy (hiking, yoga and dancing). I was just about to give up and have the surgery, when I starting searching of alternatives to traditional medicine. I live in Burbank and found Dr Adam’s website. It described the decompression table and although I was highly skeptical, I thought I would try it as I had nothing to lose. Dr Adam saw my MRI scans and was very honest. He stated that he would do his best, but that my disc was severe and that he did not know if he could help. He asked for me to be consistent for 4-5 weeks and to come in twice a week. I agreed and after ONLY 3 sessions, I felt a dramatic change. By my fifth session, I was completely off the drugs!! After a few months, I had days that I forgot that I had a back issue. I consistently go at least 1 a week to ensure that my pain level stays at a MANAGEABLE 1!! Dr Adam and staff SAVED my life. I am so grateful to have found them and that I did not choose to have surgery. It has been 9 months and I have resumed all regular activity. I would 110% recommend to anyone who is suffering (especially very horrible cases like mine). IT WORKS!!

-Maria Gross