Testimonials: CFR

Steve-Sahm-Whiplash.jpgSteve Sahm

My name is Steve Sahm and due to an accident that occurred in March of 2000, I was left with neck pain, arm pain, numbness in my fingers, pain in my right hip, lower back pain, and pain in my right leg. This excessive pain led to constant discomfort and trouble in leading a normal life.

I had gone to Dr. Adam Del Torto to see about his CFR treatment and was amazed at the results I discovered. Dr. Adam’s CFR was the key to relieving the extreme pain that I was feeling. CFR worked wonders for me and I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone involved in an accident that leaves them with chronic or acute pain.

behavioral_disorders_annie_segal.jpgAnnie Segal

Annie has loved her experience with CFR. At first she was just so proud of herself for being brave enough to go for it. She told me that she was very happy with herself. I could see that simply going through the process has raised her self-esteem. As for the actual physical experience, she said that it didn't hurt her at all but said it was as if she had gotten "tons of water up her nose". She loves to swim so she is familiar with that sensation.

There was a noticeable difference with her after the first treatment. Annie can get very sluggish and often can not stay awake after 8 PM. However, after the first treatment, not only did she stay awake until 10:30, she created a "store" with her younger brother, Teddy. They put price tags on all their toys, created music from a piano synthesizer (very joyful for the occasion) and got dressed in their very best clothes. Annie helped Teddy get dressed. She created a wonderful energy for this store, making it very festive and happy. They then invited Nick and I in to buy!!! We all had so much fun. Nick and I were in amazement. Not only had Annie created fun, it was all so well thought out. (Money is not something she likes to deal with ordinarily other than to get it because she does not understand the concept of numbers very well.)

She did the same thing on the second night with as much energy and enthusiasm.

On the night of the third treatment, she created with Teddy, a school room. She had made up different learning centers. There was a math center, a spelling center, a music center, a puppet center, and more. She had created another atmosphere with different music that was just right for the school. She was very happy.

After the fourth treatment, there were no new developments. Yet I often asked her how she felt, and she would happily tell me that she felt as if there was more room in her head.

Her symptoms have definitely improved. She is not nearly as sluggish. As a result, she seems more happy. She seems to be more social at school as well. Before her treatments, she was very withdrawn around her piers. Now she even gets in trouble at school for "cutting up"! I'm thrilled. What has taken place for her is just a glimmer of what I know can take place for her. She reverts back to old ways sometimes yet a new and more "true" Annie is emerging.

She will definitely take many more series.

Yes. (Mom knows many people.) Also as Annie continues to improve, perhaps there will be many mothers that will want to have the "balloon" treatments for their children with major learning "differences".

lance_jenny1.jpgJenny Mountz and Lance Armstrong

Dear Dr. Adam Del Torto,

I originally visited your office for the first time on November 19, to inquire about acupuncture treatment for my Post Concussion Syndrome. A friend from Pacific Sports LLC told me that Paul Karya from the Mighty Ducks swears by acupuncture for his multiple concussions, so I thought I would try it out. I had lived with this fog over my head for 5-6 weeks from a soccer injury, and I was willing to try anything (acupuncture). Little did I know that the day I walked into your office would be the beginning of the end to my post-concussion syndrome. The treatment wouldn't be acupuncture but a cutting-edge treatment called Cranial Facial Release (CFR).

You had just returned from a week long intensive training on CFR, and I won't ever forget that day and the days to come. After receiving literature on CFR, looking CFR up on the internet, and talking with my mom, dad and sister about this new treatment I was still uncertain about this new procedure. Everyone I talked to had never heard of this specialized new treatment and I must admit, I was very sceptical. But my deperation, curiosity, and open-mindedness allowed me to walk into your office the next day to witness this procedure being done, before I decided to have it done myself. I had no intention of having the procedure done that day, but thanks to the loving support of you and my friends that day (Carole Bauer and Dawn Bray), I had my first treatment. The next day was to be my second treatment but I was too stressed out and scared. The fear of getting this CFR was so great I couldn't go through with it. I
kept asking myself if this treatment was too much for me, and I kept thinking, "Would I ever be normal again?",

After about a week, I couldn't take it any more, and I came back for my second and third treatment. I noticed a dramatic changes after the third treatment, on Saturday morning when I woke up. I finally felt normal again! The 'fog' over my head was gone. It was so unbelievable that I didn't want to get too excited. Could results really be happening this fast? After eight weeks, I was finally able to watch T.V. for the first time without getting a headache. I watched two football games that Saturday, went to the movie that night and didn't even get a headache. It was a miracle. Monday morning I went back to work and was able to work on the computer again without getting a headache. Later that day, I had an appointment with Dr. Adam for the fourth treatment. I remember you telling me not to over-do things. I said, "OK" and went straight back to work sitting behind the computer for hours. I made it through a day's work without a headache and I wasn't fatigued any more either. It was great to be working again.

By now I was looking forward to my CFR treatments because the results were so great. I even noticed steady improvements in my posture, and experienced no headaches, no blurred vision, no light sensitivity. I had more energy, and my sinus problems were cured. The treatment doesn't stop there. I noticed changes for about one month after my first treatment; and I finally felt completely normal again. Three weeks ago I even started running and cycling once again, and now I compete in "Extreme Challenge" races. It feels great to be myself again!

If it was not for you, Dr. Adam, and CFR, I would not have gotten my life back.

Thankfully, Jenny Mountz :)


Tami Flor

Hello, my name is Tami Flor and I would like to share my CFR story with you. In May of 1999, I suffered a major head trauma in an industrial accident. The injury from the accident left me bed ridden and virtually unable to perform any normal motor functions. I had a complete loss of speaking and writing skills, along with a loss of balance and depth perception. Among the other side effects of the injury were constant headaches and neck and upper back pain from the cervical compression. These injuries affected my everyday life in many ways, besides becoming very withdrawn and depressed, I suffered with an eating disorder that caused a major fluctuation in my weight. The combination of chronic pain and emotional distress began to become overwhelming, and it became clear to me that I would not find any relief in the form of standard medicine.

In my efforts to find relief from my overwhelming pain and anguish, I sought the help of medical doctors and neurologists. However, all he or she was able to do was prescribe painkillers and anti-depressants. These various medical professionals did not even try to find the cause of my pain, which was from the injury; instead I was given different types of drugs. Not finding any help in the form of medications, I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Adam Del Torto and introduced to his CFR technique. After meeting with Dr. Adam and going over the basics of CFR, I was eager to try this new technique. After going through this painless, easy treatment, I was amazed at how much better I felt.

I can honestly say that CFR has been my miracle. Within six weeks of treatment, I was able to speak a cognitive sentence, write, walk without fear of falling into something and further injuring myself. My headaches began to diminish as well. Thanks to Dr. Adam and his CFR treatment, I am now leading a normal, healthy, fully functional life with my new husband and my beautiful nine-month old baby. CFR has not just taken away my pain; it has given me back my life. I would recommend CFR to anyone who has suffered head trauma and forced to live his or her life in a constant state of pain - and has not found the answer to lie in mainstream medicine.

Dr. Adam and his techniques are truly healing and I am thankful.


Fran Wolf

Before starting CFR treatments with Dr. Del Torto I had been experiencing severe respiratory problems (sinus, congestion, headaches) for several years. I had been in the hospital several times. The last time I was in the hospital the doctor gave me morphine as other medications had not alleviated the severe pain and headaches. Headaches were so severe I could not function and would be in bed for weeks. At one point I lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks. On physician had me on medications for pain, nausea, headaches and congestion and also 2 inhalants to help me breathe as I was diagnosed also with asthma.

Another physician repeatedly advised the problems could only be solved with surgery. He had punctured the roof of my mouth on the inside on three different occasions to drain out infection that each time had gone as far as the bone directly over my right eye. I spoke with my friend, Toni Holland, who has a health store here in Yuma. She had "the ballon" treatments and after explaining them to me, she told me about Dr. Del Torto in Los Angeles. I was willing to try anything at this point except surgery as I had become depressed over this almost constant illness.

I called Dr. Del Torto and spoke at length with him about my symptoms and CFR treatments. After our conversation I felt confident about having these treatments to try and alleviate the severe headaches and sinus congestion.

The first series of treatments went well, no pain afterwords. I felt some immediate relief, almost euphoric. I could actually breathe easier. And with each treatment my severe headaches became less severe. After completing the first series of treatments within about a week my headaches were completely gone.

I have no more headaches or respiratory problems and I feel great, as though I have been reborn. I live a normal life now without any medications, and I will go back once a year for treatment to maintain this good condition.

I highly recommend CFR for anyone that suffers with respiratory or sinus conditions.


Ann Ferguson

Hello, my name is Ann Ferguson. About 6 years ago I sustained head trauma in a car accident, which left me with pain in my ears, jaw, neck, shoulders, and numbness in my tongue.

I lived in tremendous pain and had much difficulty eating. I had tried medical doctors and chiropractic care, but nothing seemed to work. So when I heard about Dr. Adam Del Torto’s CFR treatment, I decided I would give it a try.

I was amazed at the results and how much Dr. Adam’s treatments have helped to relieve my neck and jaw pain and tension. CFR has been miraculous for me and I would certainly recommend it to anyone suffering from chronic pain or accident related injuries.

cynthia_van_ness.jpgCynthia Van Ness

Does someone you know or love suffer from Bi-Polar illness? If so you will be interested in hearing about my personal struggle to mental health and well-being.

I am thirty-seven years old. As far back as I can remember I have struggled with Bi-Polar (Manic/Depressive) illness - even as a young girl. I remember the pain and havoc it caused everyone - including myself. Symptoms of my illness included days or weeks of crying, deep depression and suicidal fixation. Some feelings I would not share to spare others the anguish I believed it would cause. I now know it was that illness which followed me throughout my life.

At age thirty-two I began slipping further into a chaotic, delusional state. As family and friends looked-on, desperate for an explanation, I found myself in a complete mental breakdown for which I sought medical assistance. After four years of medication and counseling, including treatment for a suicide attempt, I finally became stable. However, I had lost the ability to participate in everyday activities including answering my phone and mail, banking or marketing. Although the medication helped control the depression and the seizures, I felt debilitated. I believed there must be something to help me get my life back.

One day my mother told Dr. Adam Del Torto about my struggle. He suggested CFR Treatment. I tried this therapy and, to my surprise, I began to see positive results. I became clearer and my seizures ceased. I decreased all medication and started living a normal, clear life. It is a blessing to me and to my family and friends. The change is so immense that it is quite difficult to put into words. Just the fact that I could write this letter is proof of my newly gained mental health.

I would like to have shared more details about my condition but I thought it best to get right to the point. Anyone who suffers from a clinical mental health disorder, mild depression or seizures will completely understand the depth of this illness and relate to the need for mental well-being. Although I still have Bi-Polar illness, my mind and body is now consistently clear. I highly recommend CFR treatment for anyone who suffers with these symptoms. I believe this therapy not only changed but also saved my life. I couldn't be more grateful to Dr. Del Torto for his willingness to try this therapy on my illness. It gave me back my mental and physical health. I encourage anyone with depression, seizures, clinical Bi-Polar or other mental illness to try this therapy. I believe you will have a positive result. Contact Dr. Del Torto and see if this therapy can open the doors to your life. Thank-you Dr. Del Torto.

glaucoma_and_vision_avis_boston.jpgAvis Boston

My name is Avis Boston and I suffer from a dual eye problem with both glaucoma and macular degeneration, I have had diminished vision which eventually leads to blindness. I had tried [LASIK] and eye exercises but nothing helped and the doctors gave me little hope. Then I learned about CFR from Dr. Adam, but I had to give this procedure much thought.

I wasn’t too sure about a treatment that puts balloons up your nose, but there were few other treatments available, so I went for it! It’s difficult to describe how it feels - there is some pain but it lasts only for seconds.

In February, 2003, my vision was 20/160 in the right eye and 20/170 in the left eye. Soon after undergoing the CFR procedure and receiving cranial adjustments from Dr. Adam, my vision tested 20/140 on the right and 20/150 on the left. These measurements were conducted by the ophthalmology department at Kaiser Permanente Hospital on March 22, 2003. In less than a month I noticed I could see much better. My life style changed entirely for the better. I could continue to drive and I’m much more comfortable and at ease. I can continue to read and take the evening bible studies I enjoy so much. I recommend CFR to anyone who wants to improve sinus conditions also, as it improved my breathing tremendously. Yes, I would do CFR again!

I thank God for making it possible for me to meet and receive the treatment from Dr. Del Torto. I also thank Dr. Del Torto for sharing this procedure with me.


Avis Boston

Niedra Gabriel

I am a pretty healthy person and very athletic, practicing yoga regularly and teaching Pilates - I really care for my physical state. But I always had this sensation of pressure in my head and around my temples, which interfered with my focus and concentration. I had been growing progressively concerned, as I felt that the only area I never seemed to get addressed was my head area - something was just not right there. It made it difficult to think, like I had a short circuit with my thought processes. It caused me to stress out.

Then I heard about CFR from a massage therapist and immediately wanted to experience this treatment. The idea of inflating balloons to open my cranium seemed like a very good idea, as I have always felt like the inside of my head was crushed since birth had no room.

The treatment was fabulous! There was so much relief of pressure in my head. The big difference is in my concentration level now - it's like night and day, and the affects are lasting! It has been over three weeks since my last session and I have been able to consistently sit at a computer and do intensive mental work for hours now every night. This was impossible for me prior to this treatment. I have experienced an acceleration of opportunities and knowledge since my CFR treatment, which I attribute to improved clarity of mind. I also find I am much calmer, more organized in my thoughts and MUCH more clear about life.

I have always considered myself intuitive — it is a great pleasure for me to now consider that I can think and use logic to sort through life.

As an added bonus, I have renewed my gymnastics training and my balance and coordination have improved tremendously thanks to CFR.

Heather Ogren

My name is Heather Ogren and since 1989 I have experienced Fibromyalgia with chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, and lower back. This pain had gotten worse over the years and there were times when my back was in so much pain that I could not move. I had seen medical doctors and back specialists who had tried numerous ways to help my problem, but to no avail. These different doctors had prescribed different types of drugs, but none of these had helped and so I was forced to live with the pain and just try to ignore it. After 10 years of this pain, I was fortunate to find out about Dr. Adam Del Torto and his CFR treatment plan. I tried Dr. Adam’s CFR technique and after being treated by Dr. Adam, I have not had the usual pain that I had been accustomed to living with. Dr. Adam and CFR have changed my life and I would certainly recommend this technique to anyone who has been living with this type of pain.

Deborah Allen-Segal

I can't wait until my next series!! The actual experience was most foreign to me. It was not at all painful, just a bit shocking. After each treatment I felt a definite release as if some part of me was "easing up" not only physically, but emotionally as well.

After the first treatment, I felt very relaxed and at ease. I had a very bad cold during the whole first series, just getting over strep throat. My head would seem to clear, even with the cold however.

After the second and third, and fourth treatment, I continued to feel relaxed, at ease, and happy. The effect of the balloons seems to bring me more into the "here and now" and more into my center. Right after each treatment, I could also see a visual change in my face. My face seemed softer and reflected more what I was feeling on the inside. After a few hours, though, this look would pass.

After about the second treatment, I could feel more room behind my nose. I still feel this change.

I am happy that I am writing this a week or so after the treatments, because I now have another new development!!!! I am both near-sighted and far-sighted and in my left eye, I have had a severe stigmatism. In my right eye I wear a contact lens for distance and in my left for close up and the correction for the stigmatism. Without this left lens, in the past it has been impossible to read. Over the last week or so, I have noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to read once again. I was thinking that I needed to go back to the eye doctor to up the strength of that lens. Today, I decided to take out the stigmatism lens just to see what that was like and I found I could read again!!! The stigmatism is gone.

Things clear up that you're not even looking to have cleared up!!! I can't wait to see what other surprises are in store for me. I feel that, as with my daughter, I am at the "baby" stage with the CFR. In the core of my heart I know that this treatment is "right" for me physically, emotionally, and mentally. I have had a tendency at times to get far too intense and serious about things and I notice that these treatments "ease" me on many levels. I have been in such need of this that even my treatise for my doctorate program is "Lighten-up!!! God's Here!!" Who knows? Maybe these treatments can also assist me in opening into higher levels of my Soul.

I feel everyone could benefit from CFR so, yes, I know lots of people! I have been talking about these treatments to many, and in one week will be going to a doctorate seminar, and would like to pass out some literature.

Caroline Reno

Dear Dr. Adam,

I am writing this letter to thank you so much for giving me a pain-free life again! Approximately a year and a half ago I began to develop pain and pressure behind my left eye. Over time, the pressure began to spread down into my left cheek. At times it was so unbearable all I could do to temporarily relieve the pain was to lay down with an ice pack over my eye. I was unable to drive as my vision became compromised upon onset of pain. It felt as if I constantly had an "eye-headache". The ophthalmologist said there was nothing I could do, except possibly surgery, which for me was NOT an option. I was told that I would just have to live with the pain. . . and then I met you.

You explained that with Cranial Facial Release the eye pressure could be greatly reduced, and possibly even eliminated over time. I felt a bit apprehensive at first, but after seeing your video and watching another patient have it done, I knew it was right for me. After only one series I had about 40% relief. After the second series, I had 100% relief of pain and pressure! I couldn't believe it, I was amazed! Now I can wear my glasses for hours on end, whereas before I could not were them at all as they would exacerbate the symptoms.

Once again, thank you so much for your kindness and your passion for chiropractic care.


Caroline Reno

Jonathan Rice

My name Jonathan Rice. I’m 28 years old and live in Southern California. CFR has been an absolute miracle in my life. The benefit I have obtained through ongoing treatments has not only given me a renewed vigor for life, but inspired me to research this amazing treatment to further its cause.

I experienced a bizarre cascade of symptoms beginning in 1992 that has continued until I stumbled across the amazing treatment of CFR earlier this year. Severe migraine headaches, anxiety, depression, low back pain involving a herniated disc which required surgery, poor concentration, burning sensations in arms and legs, social withdrawal [and] fatigue among various other symptoms have plagued me for the past 12 years. These symptoms not only had persisted, but worsened despite various attempted remedies. I visited numerous doctors who never arrived at a conclusive diagnosis or were able to provide effective treatment.

In February of this year, I stumbled across a testimonial of a woman on a website who had experienced many of the same symptoms I had been suffering from. Like me, she had encountered numerous doctors who were unable to correlate her symptoms, provide a definitive diagnosis, and were unsuccessful in providing effective treatment. After a few sequences of CFR , almost all of her symptoms were either gone completely or significantly improved. Despite my skeptical nature, I decided that CFR was worth pursuing based on the profound similarities of numerous testimonials with my own experience.

I was referred to Dr. Adam Del Torto by one of a handful of other individuals who are trained and licensed to perform CFR. Dr. Del Torto faithfully responded to all of my questions over e-mail and even sent me a video describing CFR in further detail. I met Dr. Del Torto in person in April of this year and have since undergone four sequences of CFR treatment. I continue to notice ongoing benefit. My back pain is at times completely gone and overall much improved. My posture has improved. My energy level has rebounded. The mental clarity I used to have is returning. I am generally happier and much less irritable. My face has actually changed shape and is rounder in appearance. My memory has sharpened. I’ve even noticed improvements in areas of my life that I wasn’t aware were less than optimal to begin with. I am absolutely astonished at the results of this mind-blowing treatment, which until now is relatively unknown yet has the potential to help so many. Dr. Del Torto has always gone the extra mile in accommodating my appointments and has taken a special interest in my ongoing benefit. He has truly been a personal savior by bringing the treatment of CFR into my life, which has given me my life back. What’s even more exciting is the prospect of further improvement over time. I would encourage anyone who is suffering from ongoing symptoms without relief from traditional medical treatment to consider Cranial Facial Release.


Jonathan Rice, MPA, PA-C

Brenda Williams


My name is Brenda and this is my testimony about a rare disease that I was diagnosed with in 1997, know as Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN- tic doulourex). This disease is not fatal, but it is universally considered to be the most painful affliction known to medical practice and can be trigged by something as simple as the wind blowing against your face. It effects the seventh cranial nerve and brain nerves are said to be shaped somewhat like a piece of linguine (rounded), however in my case, according to my doctors, the main artery in my brain had been laying against my nerve for many years and from the constant pulsation of the artery, it eventually pounded my nerve flat, much like a ribbon, along with destroying the myelin sheath, which is designed to protect the nerve.

I have suffered for almost twenty years with the pain from this dreadful condition. It had literally been a everyday every second of the day, long heart wrenching painful journey for me and my family. In my opinion this disease and it’s effects was birthed straight from the pits of Hell and from it my life was totally turned up-side down and every which way but loose, until I discovered a incredible non-invasive procedure known as Cranial Facial Release, which I will discuss later in this letter. But first I must tell you about my horrendous adventure.

My pain originally started in 1981 in my sinus area and behind my right eye socket. At this time this disease (TN) was considered as rare and extremely difficult to diagnose, therefore I wasn't properly diagnosed, until years later in 1997. Meanwhile in between those years the pain progressively grew worst to the point of suicide pain. It was as if, someone had rammed a red hot ice-pick up my nose, which caused a bomb like explosion within my face and head, it also began to create, radiating fathom pain within my teeth much like a domino effect and gradually overtime, even with every attempt to save my teeth, I eventually lost all my teeth on one side.

Finally by 1997, I was diagnosed with having Trigeminal Neuralgia, Sphenopalatine Neuralgia and Temporomandibular Joint ( TMJ) Dysfunction, but not before I had under gone two misdiagnosed, Endoscopes surgeries in 1991 and 1995, which according to varies doctor’s this should’ve lessen my pain, however it didn‘t. Needless to say the Endoscopes surgeries were a major failure along with the misdiagnoses of some reoccurring TMJ pain that I was treated for back in 1982, with good results, yet now it seemly had reoccurred, since the lost of my teeth from the TN pain . At this point I’m still unaware as to what type of illness I’m really up against. My thinking along with my doctors, was maybe this could be reoccurring TMJ pain, so my next approach in 1996 was to seek corrective treatment once again, in hopes that this would stop my facial pain, however that was all to no avail, plus treatment for TMJ back then was extremely costly with only a handful of doctors knowing how to correctly treat this condition.

In my effort to avoid having any type of brain surgery, I then tried other alternative procedures, such as, change in diet, exercise, traveling every weekends for five months to Mexico for Chelation Therapy treatments because it was more affordable there at $55.00 per treatment oppose to $2,500.00 in the United States for four treatments, yet still no pain relief. After that I tried a three month session of this eastern and western philosophy of medicine known as Neuro-Bio Energetic, which turned out, literally to be a form of human torture.
The first treatment consisted of over twenty-two trigger point injections over my entire body, starting from the crown of my head then making it’s way down to between my big toe. It was as painful as the TN pain, it causing native like, primitive cries to come up out of me .

As the pain continued to rage out of control, in 1998 I under went the first of three brain surgeries starting with Micro Vascular Decompression then six months later Stereotactic Radio Surgery and in 1999 a Radiofrequency Rhizotomy and since than I have under gone additional surgical procedures known to treat TN, including Radio Frequency Thermocoagulation of the C2/C3 ganglion , three Stellate Ganglion Block of the C7 nerve and recently a Epidural of the C2/C3. Ironically with each procedure I would only receive a small amount of pain relief, then after a few months somehow this pain would find it’s way back, but to a greater degree.

As for oral medications, unfortunately I was totally intolerant to the seizure kind of medications, as well as some others, such as Morphine, therefore this created a bigger problem for me, which resulted in what I refer to as experimental testing, with me as the guinea pig. Nevertheless over the years I have taken more then sixty different types of drugs to combat this pain with no substantial improvement. This resulted in me becoming very-very well known at my contracted hospital, especially for the long hours that I spent waiting to get some type of pain relief and for the number of hospital admits. Mainly my treatment in the hospital over the years consisted of a multitude of Demerol/Dilaudid injections up to 5mg with multiple hospital admissions, meaning literally in excess of over seventy, emergency room visits and or hospital admits, within a two year period.

Let me continue because it doesn’t stop there. I eventually and regretfully for the next three years ended up with a Intrathecal Infusion Implant Morphine Pump, this form of pain therapy virtually almost killed me dead. I couldn’t eat nor sleep. I was contently vomiting with a weight lost of over sixty pound. Once it was determined that the medication in the pump was killing me ,it was then removed. This sent me into a overwhelming ten month battle of fighting withdrawals from the drug dependency. Now, imagine that, TN pain and withdrawals both attacking your body at the same time, this was not a good mixture nor was it a pretty site, as a matter of fact it was totally devastating to my life and my family .

I had spent the majority of my youth fight this disease, all to be left, a emotional wreck, a hermit, jobless, toothless and suffering with the after effects of burning and numbness sensation within my face from the varies procedures, yet the irony of it all, is that I was still suffering from the TN pain.

I have a quote, that I've coined in reference to TN and it simply states "If I had an enemy I would never wish this disease (TN) upon him or her, for death would be far better for them, then a life of punishment with TN".

I feel this way because I've been through just about every treatments that medical science had to offer and somehow through my experience, I must say "I am not impressed whatsoever, with the surgical and or drug treatments for this disease (TN)”, therefore because of this I had been determine to find a treatment and or a cure that really worked.

Then one day while in excruciating pain and out of pure desperation, I e-mailed UCLA about my problem. In return they informed me about Cranial Facial Release (CFR). I had never heard of anything like this. Yeah, I know, it sounds kind of like NUCCA, however it's not. It's procedure is similarly as far as alignment of the spine is considered, but CFR offers a technique that NUCCA does perform. Whereby a small "endonasal" balloon is inserted into the nostril, briefly inflated, and quickly removed to unwind the body and return it towards its original design. The inflation itself is painless, but there is a weird sensation in the nostril that comes from the inflation, plus I think, along with just the idea of a balloon being inflated in your nostril is just weird, however it’s non-invasive, it’s painless and it really works. For me CFR has been a God sent cause before I discovering CFR, I had no life whatsoever. I was very much a depressed recluse, suffering in pain and addicted to prescription drugs. My first impression of getting a balloons put up my nose was “ what’s the heck “ I’ve tried everything anyways. I felt I had nothing to lose, plus at this time I was currently taking 2mg of Dilaudid and Atvian three times per day to control my pain.

My first few treatments were somewhat discouraging because of more head pain, I didn’t like it, but I had to remember that my skull was now being shifted to a God’s designed alignment . After about the third treatment I was home free and the following treatments were like a walk-in the park. I been taken treatments now for about six months. My treatments consist of usually three balloons twice a week. I have now had over twenty treatments, so I kind of consider myself somewhat of a expert in this matter, even those I regret the fact that I had no knowledge of this treatment before having all those previous surgeries, but I’m still thankful because without a doubt CFR has given me back my life. I have less painful days and when there is pain I now can control it with two pills per incident instead of taking a hundred and sixty pills per month. I would highly recommend NRC to anyone that may be considering a invasive cranial surgery dealing with chronic nerve disorder pain. Please try it, you won’t have any regrets, it really works and it’s very affordable, plus you’ll just love Dr. Adam.

I was first recommended to Dr. Del Torto by my accountant Scott Kimball. Scott and I briefly spoke about CFR treatment. He raved about how much better his breathing was after the procedure and how it really helped his [scuba] diving. I explained that I was a singer and I was having problems with my voice because of poor breathing. Scott passed on Dr. Del Torto’s information and I explored.

I called the Doctor’s office to speak to him and explain what my symptoms were. The office staff was courteous and sent me an informative video. I left a message for the doc and he responded later that day. We exchanged emails and after discussing my symptoms I decided to have the procedure done.

The first visit to the office was great. Everyone was friendly and very comforting. I explained how I felt to Dr. Adam and we began the treatments. There was definite discomfort with the placement of the balloons, but the procedure is so fast and accurate that it is over before you know it. I couldn’t believe the immediate relief I felt. I kept looking at my nose to see if it expanded, because I felt the rush of air through my nasal passages. One hour after my first CFR treatment I did feel a bit stuffy, but then the clarity just got better with time. That night I slept the best I ever had in years. I slept breathing through my nose all night with no tossing, turning or drooling. I couldn’t believe it. After more treatments I began to feel energized. My workouts were so much more productive. I wasn’t getting tired! I was running faster and farther just days after my CFR treatment. I really felt like I upgraded my nose. Breathing though my nose was so much more efficient after the procedure that I couldn’t believe I functioned that many years without it. As for my voice problems, I’m singing better then ever. Breathing properly has allowed more moisture in my throat and has eliminated any dryness that was causing me to lose my voice. Being able to feel my nose and cheeks allows me to place my voice so much more efficiently. I have way more stamina and control.

I would recommend CFR treatment to anyone who suffers from allergies or anything that prevents a person from breathing properly though their nose. Dr. Del Torto and his CFR treatment allow me to live an overall healthier more productive life.