Testimonials: Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral-Palsy-Adam-Selvidge.jpg"With Love and Gratitude From Deep Within"

A poem written by Adam Selvidge

You know every time I pick up a writing tool it is music to my Soul
I guess this poem that I'm writing is to say "Thank You"

For allowing my body to follow my Soul
You know that my Soul flies higher than the average man

You and your team of Angels gave my body a helping hand
To unlock me from my pain
So one day I can dance in the rain
With a lady that has a beautiful name

You know I've got Dreams that I have to chase
And run like a horse through the fields
When I get in trouble and people want to back me into a corner
You know that's where my Aunt Pie is helping to set me Free and Fly

Everytime I get more movement that I never had I will think of you and
Your team taking this young colt to drink from the lakes and streams of life
May you never forget my Spirit that I run with until my body catches up
With Love and Gratitude from Deep Within

- Adam Selvidge