L.A. Health

Feature Article - L.A. Health News - Nov. 2002

Have you ever counted the number of drug commercials on T.V.? Just try it for an hour - you will be amazed. Pharmaceutical companies are spending billions of dollars to inform us that we don't take enough drugs, and we subliminally buy into it. We are generally a symptomatically based society that is conditioned to take a pill every time we experience a symptom. But what you must realize is that symptoms are your body's alarm system. It is your body's way of telling you to "pay attention, you have a problem". Instead of treating the symptoms, doesn't it make better sense to treat the cause of the problem (which is many times remote from the area of pain). When you correct the cause, the symptom goes away naturally.

Symptoms are usually a sign of some sort of dysfunction. If symptoms are "masked" for long enough without addressing the problem, this "long term dysfunction" causes a breakdown in the system, which eventually gives rise to disease. And that is how people get sick! Disease is not something you catch from the outside - disease arises as the end result of long term dysfunction. This model of health and disease was first presented by Dr. A.D. Sparanski, a Russian medical researcher who studied the affects of "pressure on the brain", and the impact it had on the body. Dr. Sparanski's contention was, considering that the brain is the primary control center in the body, any aberration at the cranial level would cause organ/muscle dysfunction, and over time, would eventually break down and give rise to disease. He proved this theory with such consistency, that he identified over 80 named diseases caused by a strain or torque on certain control centers of the brain. These "cranial aberrations" are characterized by asymmetries in your face and skull which create unusual pressure and torque on certain parts of your brain. This "brain strain" causes abnormal nerve impulses to be sent the various muscles and organs in your body, setting up a state of "dysfunction" and giving rise to various health problems. Some of the causes of these "cranial aberrations" may surprise you - things like difficult birthings (think back), head trauma, facial trauma, Post Concussion Syndrome, whiplash injuries, surgical procedures, TMJ disorder, certain orthodontic procedures, etc. There are very few treatment options available for people who suffer from "cranial problems", as it is often a very misunderstood health problem. Many of these patients end up seeing a neuro-psychiatrist who often treats the patient with antidepressants. Again, treating the symptom, not the cause. But now an amazing new treatment for headaches and sinus conditions is showing promise for some of these more difficult health problems. We are referring to an advanced form of physical medicine called Cranial Facial Release (CFR), which many people have turned to as their last resort. Originally intended for the treatment of sinus problems and headaches, CFR is proving very effective in treating many other conditions such as snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, seizures, TMJ Disorder, facial pain/paralysis, vertigo, tinnitis, hearing loss, eye strain, chronic fatigue, head trauma, chronic neck and upper back pain, and more! Dubbed as the balloon treatment, CFR incorporates the use of tiny balloons that are inserted in the nose and quickly inflated to mobilize the cranial bones. Sound Bizarre? Perhaps, but for many people it is the only relief they have found for their pain or illness, and usually after having tried everything else first! The whole procedure only takes 2-3 seconds, and patients usually feel relief after the first series of treatments. Treatment is usually done in a series of 4-5 days, with the patient receiving anywhere from one to three balloon inflations each day. Most patients require between 4-6 series to achieve maximal results from CFR treatment, depending on their treatment goals and the severity of their condition. Some patients are doing it just to stay well! How would you know if you were a candidate for CFR Technique. Well, if you suffer from one of the above mentioned health problems, chances are CFR Technique could help you. You can also do a simple test at home. Take a mirror and look to see if your face is symmetrical. Check to see if your eyes are level or the same size. See if your nose is straight, or if your chin is centered on your face. Compare your ear lobe levels and your cheek bones. These are indications of cranial aberrations. Most people try CFR treatment as a last resort for their health problem, and it often succeeds where conventional treatment has failed. "I love these patients, because they have usually given up hope - we often see dramatic improvement in these patients, and we get to witness miracles in our office every day!"