Acuscope Testimonials

August 1, 2001

I live an active life on Catalina Island. On my day off I was enjoying myself at the beach surfing. I had a small wipe out, and in the process of going down, my surfboard and my foot met. I am not sure what all took place, but I crawled out of the water and found a large bump on the outside of my foot just in front of my ankle bone. I was sure that it was broken. I drove home in excruciating pain and put ice on my foot right away. I made an appointment at Dr. Del Torto's Catalina office for that afternoon. At the office the doctor took two x-rays of my foot. The x-rays showed no sign of a fracture or any other problems.

The doctor told me about the Acuscope and Myopulse treatment. He said it would repair the damaged tissue and speed up the healing process. I was all for that. The treatment only took 25 minutes and was very relaxing. There was a small amount of tingling while the Myopulse and Acuscope was being used, but there was no discomfort.

Once the treatment was over I could feel an immediate difference. I was able to walk out of the office with a small limp and the pain was not as sharp. The bump had gone down in size considerably also.

The next morning I went in for another treatment. It was the same treatment with five minutes of Ultrasound at the end. I can honestly say I felt a huge difference when I left the office. I was able to walk with out a limp and the lump was all most completely gone. There was no discoloration around the area, which was a big shock to me. As bad as it hurt the day before I thought for sure I would have a bruise or some kind of mark from the injury.

With the life style I live I feel a lot more at easy knowing there is something out there that could speed up the heaiing process when I do goof up. I would hope other people would use this treatment for any accident or for acute or chronic pains, because it really works!

I was out surfing and playing frisbee on the beach three days after the accident, that shocked all my surfing buddies after seeing my foot.

Thank you,

Scott Johnson

PS - I work for the Catalina Fox Recovery Program, and we had an injured fox who had hurt his leg in a fight. I told the treating veteranarian about my Acuscope experience, and how it rapidly healed my sprained ankle - so Dr. Wynn and I brought "the patient" to see Dr. Del Torto. Well, let me tell you, history repeated itself, and the fox responded very rapidly to Acuscope/Myopulse Therapy, just as I did. In no time, he was back to normal and running around with all of his little fox friends.

Great Job Dr. Adam and many thanks to you and your Acuscope machine!

Newspaper Article - Catalina Islander 2002

Some of the Santa Catalina Island Foxes have made their first visit to the local chiropractor on the island. Dr. Adam Del Torto has been instrumental in the recovery efforts of our island fox. Dr. Adam has volunteered his time and use of equipment to assist in the medical attention these foxes require. The Institute for Wildlife Studies would like to thank Dr. Adam for his generosity and expertise in the evaluation of x-rays. See you next visit, Dr. Adam!